After Backlash To AT&T Chicanery, California Salvages Tough Net Neutrality Law | Techdirt 

ISPs have threatened to sue any states that try to pass net neutrality rules after convincing the FCC to include some legally-dubious language in the repeal that attempts to thwart states from protecting consumers. And while the restoration of the original bill is promising, AT&T, Comcast and Verizon lobbying influence runs deep, and they have another month to try to stop California from respecting public opinion and standing up to entrenched telecom monopolies with rules preventing them from abusing the obvious lack of real competition in most broadband markets.

In the meantime, they are greasing that slope and warming up their cash extractors.

Twitterific loses push notifications and live-updated tweets ahead of Twitter’s third-party API purge - The Verge 

If you had already purchased the push notification feature, they’ll continue to work until August 16th, when Twitter shuts down the old API, at which point Twitterific’s developers are recommending users turn to the official Twitter app (which sort of seems like what Twitter might have been hoping to accomplish here).

I wonder how many folks at Twitter still think they are the good guys.

The Supreme Court Makes A Federal Case Out Of South Dakota’s Inability To Collect Taxes From Its Residents And Thus A Big Mess | Techdirt 

First, South Dakota may be heavily dependent on sales tax to generate revenue, but that’s its choice. If consumption taxes turn out to be an inadequate way of filling its coffers, it could choose to impose other forms of taxation, like an income tax, as many other states have. It is not dependent on the United States Supreme Court to help it balance its budget.

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