Drafts and Dropbox - All this 

There are ways to do this without using scripting. You could, for example, make a header with the file name in the top line, the directory in the second line, and a blank line separating the header from the rest of the contents. With the proper template tags, you could set up a single-step action that saves only the remainder of the draft, not its entire contents.

FOIA Heroes At The FBI Protect Superman’s Privacy; Refuse To Hand Over Secret Identity To Requester | Techdirt 

Included in a batch of Scientology docs is a letter [PDF] to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. This was apparently sent to steer the DA’s office away from investigating complaints about the Church’s overzealous pursuit of former members and critics. The letter attempts to paint a former member as some sort of crazy person pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories via an affidavit being circulated to press and law enforcement.

A line-numbering action for Drafts - All this 

Because so many of my blog posts include source code with line numbers, I need my text editor to have a line-numbering command. Drafts 5 has built-in a way of displaying line numbers, but I need the numbers to part of the actual text. The action I made for doing this is called, with the great imagination I’m known for, Number Lines, and you can get it from the Drafts Action Directory.

Apple: My request for all the data it had on me was eye-opening 

The company says the data wouldn’t tell an individual user anything, since it’s not associated with him or her.  Your Siri requests —“Show me how to get to PF Chang’s,” or “What year was Steve Jobs born?” go back to Apple — but it uses a random identifier to mask your identity. So a Siri search for the closest Chipotle restaurant will only tell Apple that a user requested the data, but not associate it with me.

Apart from the click-bait headline I thought this was a concise look at what Apple refuses to do with customer data.

You Can’t Bully These Motherfuckers 

A frank and honest description of who she is and what she does would be much more harsh: Every day, Sarah Huckabee Sanders plants herself, by choice, between the public and the facts of what’s being done at the very highest levels of American executive power, and does her damnedest to break and delegitimize the means by which the two are brought together.

Device Detects Drug Use Through Fingerprints, Raising A Host Of Constitutional Questions | Techdirt 

This means everything will get much worse for drivers and other recipients of law enforcement attention in the short-term. When the challenges to searches and seizures filter their way up through the court system, things might improve. But it won’t happen rapidly and any judges leaning towards redefining the scope of fingerprint use will face strong government challenges.

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