Defense Department Spied On Social Media, Left All Its Collected Data Exposed To Anyone | Techdirt 

While a cursory examination of the data reveals loose correlations of some of the scraped data to regional US security concerns, such as with posts concerning Iraqi and Pakistani politics, the apparently benign nature of the vast number of captured global posts, as well as the origination of many of them from within the US, raises serious concerns about the extent and legality of known Pentagon surveillance against US citizens. In addition, it remains unclear why and for what reasons the data was accumulated, presenting the overwhelming likelihood that the majority of posts captured originate from law-abiding civilians across the world.

Tracking rogue drones with DJI’s new Aeroscope system - The Verge 

That wasn’t the only “rogue” drone we spotted while taping episode 2 of Next Level season 2, an episode focused largely on DJI’s new Aeroscope technology. While interviewing Michael Perry, DJI’s managing director of North America, in Golden Gate Park, the Aeroscope box sniffed out another drone flying nearby. This one was several blocks away from our location in the park — harmless enough, but one that, if you see “flying straight towards you, at high speed, that’s something I’ll want to investigate,” Perry said.

Command, Option, & Shift Symbols in Unicode 

⌘ – ⌘ – ⌘ – the Command Key symbol
⌥ – ⌥ – ⌥ – the Option Key symbol
⇧ – ⇧ – ⇧ – the Shift Key symbol
⎋ – ⎋ – ⎋ – the ESC Key symbol
⇪ – ⇪ – ⇪ – the Capslock symbol
⏎ – ⏎ – ⏎ – the Return symbol
⌫ – ⌫ – ⌫ – the Delete / Backspace symbol

5 Famous News Stories You Didn’t Know Had Insane Epilogues 

Let’s say you’re in charge of a Samsung factory in Tianjin, China. Your company has just recalled an entire line of phones, and a bunch of those piece of shit batteries are now YOUR problem. There’s only one possible way for you to deal with the situation: Just throw those bastards in the trash and move on. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like they have a history of, haha, spontaneously catching fire or anything.

Me on the Equifax Breach - Schneier on Security 

There are thousands of data brokers with similarly intimate information, similarly at risk. Equifax is more than a credit reporting agency. It’s a data broker. It collects information about all of us, analyzes it all, and then sells those insights. It might be one of the biggest, but there are 2,500 to 4,000 other data brokers that are collecting, storing, and selling information about us­ – almost all of them companies you’ve never heard of and have no business relationship with.

Talk of the Times - Neatorama 

When the nation was young, members of the Transcendental Generation (born 1792 to 1821) had a  spiritual, authority-questioning bent. They brought transcendental into the general vocabulary. They  also, writes Metcalf, “bequeathed to the country its greatest and most successful word”: OK. First  used by a Boston newspaper editor as an intentionally misspelled  jokey abbreviation of “all correct” -similar to the publishing industry’s term TK to indicate material “to come”- the expression took off during the 1840 re-election campaign of Martin Van Buren, who was also known as Old Kinderhook.  His supporters set up OK clubs, jauntily suggesting he was “oll korrect.” Detractors quickly turned the new word around to criticize Van Buren (he’s “orfully konfused!”) and his predecessor Andrew Jackson (so illiterate he couldn’t spell all correct!). Eventually everyone forgot where OK came from, and it became an all-purpose staple.


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