Sokka and Toph

Chatting with my 6 year old daughter about The Last Air Bender and I asked her which character she wanted to be like.

I thought she’d say Sokka.


But she said Toph


I think I did something right with this kid. She’s a keeper.

Real Genius

Man, this movie made me want to go to college more than anything that happened in Animal House. I wanted to be Lazlo Hollyfeld more than anyone.


Knowing about the other things Merlin has said about sports, this kind of feels like forcing someone to admit they love their family. It’s some great writing, but I sure as hell hate sports culture. It’s the kind of culture that makes you regret saying that in public.


I’d first understood the big idea of family at Reds games. I knew the unspoken intimacy of strangers at a Reds game. Shit, at the age of five, I can clearly remember having my first blinding headache at a Reds game.

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