Productivity Apps and Subscription Pricing — Pixel Envy 

There’s incentive to add bloat in order to justify paid updates, for instance, but an app on a subscription model is expected to be updated more frequently and, as a result, may incentivize greater bloat.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never thought of subscription software as something that needs to constantly update and improve. I always consider it a periodic license grant to run the software.

DOJ Boss Promises The Return Of Everything That Didn’t Work During The Last 40 Years Of Drug Warring | Techdirt 

But there are violent crime increases in a few major cities. He’s not sure what’s to blame for this potential historical blip, but he has several theories. It might be soft-on-drugs Obama-era policies embraced by his predecessor’s DOJ. It might be a lack of respect for law enforcement, which Sessions feels is a failure of the American public, rather than the failures of those who serve them. It might be rambunctious legislators scaling back asset forfeiture all over the country. Whatever it is, the current course needs to be reversed and the policies that failed for multiple decades be allowed to fail again.

AT&T Tricked Its Customers Into Opposing Net Neutrality | Techdirt 

These notifications have several variations. But all of them directed AT&T customers to this AT&T website where they were informed that AT&T really loves net neutrality (pro tip: they don’t), and were told to fill out a form letter AT&T said it would forward on to “the FCC and your officials.” But the letter doesn’t actually support net neutrality. What it supports is the gutting of the existing popular protections and replacement with a Congressional law

Too Big to Be True | In the Pipeline 

If hunger had an effect on our mental resources of this magnitude, our society would fall into minor chaos every day at 11:45. Or at the very least, our society would have organized itself around this incredibly strong effect of mental depletion. Just like manufacturers take size differences between men and women into account when producing items such as golf clubs or watches, we would stop teaching in the time before lunch, doctors would not schedule surgery, and driving before lunch would be illegal. If a psychological effect is this big, we don’t need to discover it and publish it in a scientific journal – you would already know it exists.

“Shitburger”: swearing, made to order – Strong Language 

With Favreau’s shitburger, we could easily substitute any number of other shit expressions: a pile of shit, a load of shit, a crock of shit, or, as prominently issued by Trump’s own personal attorney in a string of threatening emails to a stranger this week, a piece of shit. For all its political timeliness, Favreau’s shitburger is also rhetorically meaty because it figures the GOP as serving something appetizing for the American public—until they peak under the bun. Or as Favreau called a recent podcast episode: “Same shitburger, different bun.” 

Judge Tosses Jury’s Conviction Of Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions, Orders New Trial | HuffPost 

“Ms. Fairooz’s brief reflexive burst of noise, be it laughter or an audible gasp, clearly cannot sustain a conviction for either of the counts in the information,” Bogash wrote in a court filing. “So the only other basis for her conviction to anything are her statements after the U.S. Capitol Police arrested her for that laughing. Those statements merely expressed surprise at being arrested.”


Your car has just been crushed by hagfish: Frequently Asked Questions | Southern Fried Science 

Hagfish produce prodigious amounts of slime. A single hagfish can fill a 5-gallon bucket with slime, seemingly instantly. This slime provides protection. Hagfish have been observed escaping from sharks by choking them with enormous amounts of slime. When they feed on a carcass, the slime pours out, covering the carcass and preventing other scavengers from creeping in on their turf. If not properly cared for, hagfish in captivity will suffocate in their own slime.

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