Court Strips Immunity From Sheriff’s Office That Raided Hobby Gardener’s Home Over Tea Leaves | Techdirt 

The office of shit-show-central:

Law-abiding tea drinkers and gardeners beware: One visit to a garden store and some loose tea leaves in your trash may subject you to an early-morning, SWAT-style raid, complete with battering ram, bulletproof vests, and assault rifles. Perhaps the officers will intentionally conduct the terrifying raid while your children are home, and keep the entire family under armed guard for two and a half hours while concerned residents of your quiet, family-oriented neighborhood wonder what nefarious crime you have committed. This is neither hyperbole nor metaphor—it is precisely what happened to the Harte family in the case before us on appeal.

FBI Informant Helped Out In Terrorism Stings While Running A ‘Stranded Traveler’ Scam | Techdirt 

The government is trying to bury this damaging information. It has already asked for evidence of Agbareia’s illegal sideline to be placed under a protective order, supposedly for national security reasons. The government is also refusing to turn over information of Agbareia’s criminal efforts to one of the accused, despite two of three suspects targeted in the sting having already pled guilty.

Sodium Benzoate Nonsense | In the Pipeline 

If you Google “sodium benzoate”, prepare yourself for a firehose of stupidity. There’s a long list of sites that are convinced that while benzoic acid is a fresh, healthy, natural ingredient, that sodium benzoate is a devilish industrial chemical that will rot your soul. No, really, that’s pretty much how it goes, and since I know that the great majority of the readers here have a good understanding of acid/base chemistry, you all must be furrowing their brows in puzzlement about that one. I’m with you.

Our Safety Work: Results Update 

There are repeat offenders who create new accounts after being suspended for violations. Our new systems, in the last four months alone, have removed twice the number of these types of accounts. Beyond the technology, our teams are continuing to review content daily and improve how we enforce our policies.

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