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The way the past few months have unfolded has shaken me awake. I’ve had to face the things about myself that I kept hidden like jewels in a wall safe. What I do for attention and what I do to push people away, the masks I wear and the image I project. There are times in your life when you come face to face to what you’ve been avoiding, like realizing you’ve inadvertently chained yourself to a rabid tiger, and you have a choice to make: it’s kill or be killed.

Hell of an opening for a recipe.

Deliveroo is giving riders GoPros after a rise in acid attacks 

Last month, two food delivery riders – one from UberEats and one from Deliveroo – were among five people injured in the space of 90 minutes during an attack in North London. They were targeted by moped riders who threw acid in their faces and attempted to steal their vehicles.

Seems like putting controls on the sales (or at least documentation) of strong acids. There’s very few valid use cases for someone at home to have concentrated acids. Most uses are industrial. Track it like we do solvents that are commonly used for drug manufacturing.

Fact Checking Snopes On Its Own Claims Of Being ‘Held Hostage’ By ‘A Vendor’: Well, It’s Complicated | Techdirt 

Then, things started to get really messy, and in many ways the cross lawsuits here should be used in cases studies on how not to do a lot of things (including purchasing shares in an S Corp.). Proper claims that Mikkelson used Snopes funds for a variety of personal expenses (something that Barbara had also accused him of in the divorce proceedings), including paying for his honeymoon with his new wife (also a Snopes employee).

Private Island Complete with an Abandoned “Nazi” Castle For Sale - Neatorama 

In 1938, he built an 8,000 square foot “castle” on the highest point of the island. According to some elderly locals, they remember seeing strange flashing lights during the war coming from the rooftop of the castle. Allegedly, it was discovered that Baxter was guiding German submarines prowling the Atlantic Oceans, allowing them to take refuge in Darby Island’s “exotic network of caves.”

ACLU To Court: It’s Legal To Tell Bob To Eat Shit | Techdirt 

The Complaint also interestingly claims that “nothing has ever stressed [Bob Murray] more than [John Oliver’s] vicious and untruthful attack.” … As one media outlet asked, “[I]s he really saying that a late night British comedian on a premium channel has caused him more stress than the time that one of his mines collapsed and killed a group of his employees? If so . . . that’s . . . weird.” Mike Masnick, Bob Murray’s Lawsuit Against John Oliver Is Even Sillier Than We Expected, TECH DIRT (June 23, 2017),

Reidentification attack reveals German judge’s porn-browsing habits / Boing Boing 

In their Defcon 25 presentation, “Dark Data”, journalist Svea Eckert and data scientist Andreas Dewes described how easy it was to get a massive trove of “anonymized” browsing habits (collected by browser plugins) and then re-identify the people in the data-set, discovering (among other things), the porn-browsing habits of a German judge and the medication regime of a German MP.

Also, what the fuck has happened to BoingBoing? What a garbage pile of plugins and JavaScript with actual good contributors underneath. I guess that’s the change they want to see in the world.

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