Crowdfunded Billboards Shame Politicians For Selling You Out On Net Neutrality | Techdirt 

Hoping to piggyback on its privacy campaign, Fight for the Future has now similarly-crowdfunded new billboards shaming lawmakers that have breathlessly supported killing popular net neutrality protections. Which politicians are shamed is being determined by a congressional scorecard, which tracks just how cozy politicians are with incumbent telecom duopolies. Needless to say, Marsha Blackburn again took top honors and is being featured again in the group’s latest effort

White nationalists flock to genetic ancestry tests. Some don’t like the result 

Others were told that they could remain part of white nationalist groups, in spite of the ancestry they revealed, as long as they didn’t “mate,” or only had children with certain ethnic groups. Still others used these test results to put forth a twisted notion of diversity, one “that allows them to say, ‘No, we’re really diverse and we don’t need non-white people to have a diverse society,’” said Panofsky.

Eli Lilly’s odyssey to use a fake rule and fake news to protect bad patents 

Eli Lilly’s Bunbury was more obscure than its literary predecessor. In essence, the company miscombined and mischaracterized statements taken out of context to invent a non-existent legal rule it called the promise doctrine and then blamed its application by Canadian judges for the loss of two valuable patents. It then spread fake news that Canada possessed this fictional rule, and that it specifically hurt pharmaceutical patent holders.

Bill Gates gives away 64 million Microsoft shares in largest donation since 2000 - The Verge 

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is reducing his stake in the company to just 1.3 percent, after holding 24 percent of the software maker back in 1996. In a filing to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday, Gates revealed he’s donating 64 million shares of Microsoft worth a total of $4.6 billion. It’s a huge donation, and Bloomberg reports that it’s the biggest since he gave away $16 billion worth in 1999 and $5.1 billion of shares in 2000.

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