So, about this Googler’s manifesto. – Yonatan Zunger – Medium 

All of which is why the conclusions of this manifesto are precisely backwards. It’s true that women are socialized to be better at paying attention to people’s emotional needs and so on — this is something that makes them better engineers, not worse ones. It’s a skillset that I did not start out with, and have had to learn through years upon years of grueling work. (And I should add that I’m very much an introvert; if you had asked me twenty years ago if I were suited to dealing with complex interpersonal issues day-to-day, I would have looked at you like you were mad.) But I learned it because it’s the heart of the job, and because it turns out that this is where the most extraordinary challenges and worthwhile results happen.

Prodigy: A new tool for radically efficient machine teaching | Blog | Explosion AI 

Most annotation tools avoid making any suggestions to the user, to avoid biasing the annotations. Prodigy takes the opposite approach: ask the user as little as possible, and try to guess the rest. Prodigy puts the model in the loop, so that it can actively participate in the training process and learns as you go. The model uses what it already knows to figure out what to ask you next. As you answer the questions, the model is updated, influencing which examples it asks you about next. In order to take full advantage of this strategy, Prodigy is provided as a Python library and command line utility, with a flexible web application. There’s a thin, and optional hosted component to make it easy to share annotation queues, but the tool itself is entirely under your control.

Sure. Teach the machines to teach themselves. Next thing you know they’ll take low paying thankless jobs away from our public school teachers.

Stout Osso Bucco - The Beeroness 

The way the past few months have unfolded has shaken me awake. I’ve had to face the things about myself that I kept hidden like jewels in a wall safe. What I do for attention and what I do to push people away, the masks I wear and the image I project. There are times in your life when you come face to face to what you’ve been avoiding, like realizing you’ve inadvertently chained yourself to a rabid tiger, and you have a choice to make: it’s kill or be killed.

Hell of an opening for a recipe.

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