Comcast Sues Vermont, Insists Having To Expand Broadband Violates Its First Amendment Rights | Techdirt 

ISPs love to trot out the First Amendment complaint wherever and whenever possible, similarly insisting that net neutrality protections somehow curtail their free speech rights (arguments that traditionally don’t see much traction in the courts). But Comcast is also busy telling local Vermont news outlets that it’s spending money on lawyers instead of more cable because it’s just really worried about how much Vermont residents pay for broadband and TV service

Only 3% of Companies Have Data That Meet Basic Quality Standards 

On average, 47% of newly-created data records have at least one critical (e.g., work-impacting) error. A full quarter of the scores in our sample are below 30% and half are below 57%. In today’s business world, work and data are inextricably tied to one another. No manager can claim that his area is functioning properly in the face of data quality issues. It is hard to see how businesses can survive, never mind thrive, under such conditions.

Allergan Pulls A Fast One | In the Pipeline 

Awful, as far as I’m concerned. Awful on several levels. For one, this is not how the patent system (for all its flaws) is supposed to work. “The validity of your patents is subject to review, unless you pay off some Indian tribe” does not seem like a good way to run an intellectual property system.

Breaking Bad in South Florida (1) | Org Prep Daily 

That our company was now in the business of doing process development on MDMA, a category 1 controlled substance (for which we did not have the permits) and this was being done covertly by our CEO with his own hands came as rude shock to everyone in the chemistry lab. If somebody else tried to pull this stunt, we would be talking to the company management that very minute and have him arrested. But in this case, the whole two-man top management team of our little company was involved in it. The CEO was the co-founder and the main investor in the company and clearly the normal rules did not apply to him. The research director was the second co-founder, a former student-buddy of our CEO and he was always extremely protective of him and loyal to the hilt. It was the research director who convinced our CEO to start the company to begin with, right from the grad school. (They had two other classmates founding the company with them but when the relations soured the CEO paid the other two co-founders off.)

The hackers who broke into Equifax exploited a flaw in open-source server software — Quartz 

That vulnerability, according to a report on the data breach by William Baird & Co., was in a popular open-source software package called Apache Struts, which is a programming framework for building web applications in Java. Two vulnerabilities in Struts have been discovered so far in 2017. One was announced in March, and another was announced earlier this week on Sept. 4. At the moment, it’s unclear which vulnerability the Baird report was referring to.

When a red state gets the blues - The Washington Post 

President Ronald Reagan said that government isn’t the answer, it is the problem, and conservatives have found that line very resonant over the years. In Cruz’s run for president last year, he called for the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service. He did not mention this last week. It would be hard to raise an extra $150 billion without the progressive income tax unless you could persuade Mexico to foot the bill.

‘Short shrift’ - the meaning and origin of this phrase 

Shrift? Not a word you hear every day. In fact, apart from in this expression, it is now so rarely used that it’s hard to think of a shrift that isn’t short. The verb form, shrive, is also now an almost forgotten antique. A shrift is a penance (a prescribed penalty) imposed by a priest in a confession in order to provide absolution, often when the confessor was near to death. In the 17th century, criminals were sent to the scaffold immediately after sentencing and only had time for a ‘short shrift’ before being hanged.

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