Deliberate Vaccine Misinformation | In the Pipeline 

I say that because, as a scientist, I believe that there are facts in this world, and that these facts can be known, and that we can use them as foundations to learn even more facts. We may revise former views as we do so, but that is in the process of getting us an even more complete and more accurate picture of the world. The “Everything You Know Is Wrong; Here Are The Real Secrets” crowd is pretty annoying, but even worse are the nihilist “Nobody Really Knows Anything” folks.

Two-Person Police Department’s Million Dollar Military Gear Grab Ends In Arrest Of Police Chief | Techdirt 

A nearby sheriff’s office was called in to investigate and the Thetford PD’s building was raided for 1033 records. Along the way, an envelope stuffed with cash was discovered among the PD’s many, many stashes of 1033 goods. Chief Kenny said the money it contained came from the sale of equipment for scrap metal, but otherwise couldn’t explain why it was located in a pile of stuff, rather than in a bank account.

Autotooting with Mastodon API 

After some playing around with various encode and decode commands in Python’s interactive mode, I came up with the three-byte string for the snowman emoji without the variation selector.

This is the only way anyone ever uses encoding and decoding.

Trump honors Qanon ‘Democrat pedophile cult’ conspiracy pushers with White House visit / Boing Boing 

QAnon believers have interpreted the clues, which they claim without evidence are coming from a highly placed source in the Trump administration, to mean that Trump and the military are engaged in a high-stakes shadow war against a supposed globalist pedophile cult. The conspiracy theory has caught on with Trump supporters, who have held up QAnon-related signs and wear QAnon shirts to the president’s rallies.

Somehow we elected a klan member as president. Somehow.

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