Rethinking Reminders – 

Another power-user feature that could be added in an elegant way would be the use of tags. This is already present in Files, and I think presenting consistency across apps would be a huge win for everyone. The tags would be listed off to the side with their color/name; in a single view, these could be shown like a traditional list.

I hate to say it, but tags are ONLY a power-user feature. Most people I know don’t use tags or even care to hear about it. I don’t see Apple moving this feature forward much.

How Blade Runner got its name from a dystopian book about health care - The Verge 

In The Bladerunner’s future New York, underground doctors have set up a parallel hospital system, threatened by police on one hand and anti-medicine rioters on the other. With medical supply sales strictly controlled, every practitioner needs a good bladerunner: a scrappy youth who fences pills, syringes, and scalpels. It’s a stable system, until an epidemic of deadly meningitis hits the city — and because it starts as a mild flu, nobody’s willing to get treated until it’s too late. It’s up to bladerunners to spread the word and save the city, at the potential cost of their freedom and their lives.

Supreme Court Won’t Review US Government Getting To Steal All Of Kim Dotcom’s Stuff | Techdirt 

Because Dotcom was fighting extradition in New Zealand, the “deadline” for the US to continue holding the seized assets was approaching – so they filed the separate case against his stuff. Because it’s a civil asset forfeiture case, the case is literally against his stuff, and not against Kim Dotcom (and, yes, this is as weird and nonsensical as it sounds). But there was a twist: because Dotcom was still in New Zealand, the Justice Department said that he was a “fugitive” and thus couldn’t even protest the forfeiture of his stuff. Unfortunately, both the district court and the appeals court agreed.

Ever get the feeling that the wheels of justice are actually gears in a meat grinder?

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