More long term greed… Tim O’Reilly’s recipe for a successful 2018 | TechCrunch 

But Silicon Valley’s problem, O’Reilly says, is actually a structural problem with our entire economy. What’s gone wrong, O’Reilly argues, is that what he calls “short-term greed” has replaced the traditional “long-term greed” of the market. This is not only infecting Wall Street behemoths like Goldman Sachs, he says, but also the strategy behind many of today’s tech start-ups with their exclusive focus on a short-term financial bonanza for investors. And so rather than building value producing ecosystems, both Wall Street and Silicon Valley are producing a casino like economy controlled by what O’Reilly calls “financial instruments” focused on short-term financial profit.

Nefertiti, Confucius, Genghis Khan, and Charlemagne Are Almost Certainly on Your Family Tree 

Chang’s calculations get even weirder if you go back a few more centuries. A thousand years in the past, the numbers say something very clear, and a bit disorienting. One-fifth of people alive a millennium ago in Europe are the ancestors of no one alive today. Their lines of descent petered out at some point, when they or one of their progeny did not leave any of their own. Conversely, the remaining 80 percent are the ancestor of everyone living today. All lines of ancestry coalesce on every individual in the 10th century.

It’s Been an Open Secret All Along - The Atlantic 

Of the reactions that flowed from this and parallel accounts—about Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly in the Fox empire, or Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose in mainstream TV, or Kevin Spacey and Louis CK in the film world, or Michael Oreskes and John Hockenberry in public radio, or Mark Halperin and Leon Weiseltier in print and political media, and down the rest of the list—one response was particularly revealing. It was that the behavior in question had been an “open secret.”

There is NO SUCH THING as an “open secret.” That’s called collusion.

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