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But the rush could expose millions of workers to the risk of underpaying taxes to the government now, which means they might owe more than they are expecting when they file tax returns in April 2019.

I think this is called the election-year shell game. Trick the rubes in 2018 and then hit them with back taxes and fines after the mid-terms. MAGA.

‘Evidence-based’ program that evaluates behavioral health therapies halted 

Despite the inclusion of the phrase “evidence-based,” the statement did not assuage critics’ concerns: The decision to freeze the registry comes as the Trump administration has advised agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid using seven words — including “evidence-based,” “science-based,” “fetus,” and “transgender” — in budget documents and to instead use language that won’t antagonize members of Congress.

The guidance, for example, suggested that instead of describing a policy or decision as “evidence-based,” the CDC say that it “bases its recommendations on science in consideration with community standards and wishes.”

Think about what happened in the past when science was based on community standards and wishes.

Malware charged for 13-year spying spree 

The DOJ also alleged that Durachinsky used victims’ PCs as a kind of malicious search engine. Fruitfly would alert him when users typed in words associated with porn, helping him save “millions” of images and take “detailed notes.” The charges (which mostly cover violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Wiretap Act) include an indictment for the production of child porn, but it’s not clear to what degree the images or the eavesdropping were involved.

Drug makers signal interest in exiting vaccine development during crises 

GSK has made a corporate decision that while it wants to help in public health emergencies, it cannot continue to do so in the way it has in the past. Sanofi Pasteur has said its attempt to respond to Zika has served only to mar the company’s reputation. Merck has said while it is committed to getting its Ebola vaccine across the finish line it will not try to develop a vaccine that protects against other strains of Ebola and the related Marburg virus.

Everyone loves capitalism until they want something for free.

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