How to Enable Messages in iCloud on iPhone or iPad 

– it stores your messages, photos, and other message attachments in iCloud, potentially freeing up storage space on your devices

– all prior messages will appear on a new device if you sign in to that device with the same iMessage account

– and, if you delete a message or conversation from one device they will be removed from other devices using the same Apple ID.

Looking forward to the macOS update that adds this feature too.

Wireless Carrier Abuse Of Location Data Makes The Facebook, Cambridge Scandal Look Like Amateur Hour | Techdirt 

But things got immeasurably more profitable once wireless carriers began tracking user location data, which they now sell to everyone from urban planners to government agencies. Companies like Verizon Wireless were subsequently caught covertly modifying wireless user data packets to track users around the internet without telling them. It took security researchers two years to even discover this was happening and another six months of public shame before Verizon even provided an opt out option (a more powerful version of the tech is now being used by Verizon’s Oath advertising brand).

A Cosmic Legal Collision: The Engineer vs. The Border Patrol | Just Security 

Bressi’s latest lawsuits—one, a federal tort claim against CBP, the other targeting both Pima County and CBP officials, including a Bivens claim against CBP agents—may change that.  As outlined below, Bressi believes that a DHS grant program known as Operation Stonegarden provides a financial incentive for state or local law enforcement agencies to violate the rights of American motorists. First, some background on Bressi’s checkpoint-related battles, which he has chronicled online under the rubrics of Checkpoint USA (CPUSA) and, more recently, Roadblock Revelations.

Federal Right to Try | In the Pipeline 

I think Right to Try laws are largely useless, and have the potential to cause actual harm disproportionate to the good they might do. I think that there are sincere, principled advocates for them, but at the same time, there are many people on that side of the issue who are either ill-informed about medical research or who are simply grandstanding for votes and popular support.

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