AgileBits Blog | Terraforming 1Password 

This is why so many companies today switched from updating their infrastructure manually and embraced Infrastructure as Code. With Infrastructure as Code, the hardware becomes software and can take advantage of all software development best practices. When we apply these practices to infrastructure, every server, every database, every open network port can be written in code, committed to GitHub, peer-reviewed, and then deployed and updated as many times as necessary.

iPad Pro 2017 versus MacBook Pro 2017 

I stumbled upon the idea of comparing the 2017 iPad Pro to the top performing MacBook Pro 13-inch while re-running benchmarks on the previous models of both. I was struck by how close the results were when I performed CPU and GPU centric benchmarks that run under both iOS and macOS.

As you can see from the graphs, the 2017 iPad Pro actually ran some of the benchmarks faster – especially the GPU intensive ones. And in the CPU intensive tests, the 2017 iPad Pros were ‘gnawing on the heels’ of the MacBook Pro.

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