Millions Will Pay More In Taxes Due To Low Withholding, Auditors Find « CBS Boston 

New tax withholding tables for employers were put together by the government early this year. About 30 million workers received pay that was “under-withheld” — making their paychecks bigger this year but bringing a larger bill at tax time next spring, according to the Government Accountability Office’s report.

It’s almost like it was designed to look good before the election but hit you hard after the election. Suckers.

Reports: Carter Page Was Subject to FISA Warrant in 2013/2014 | Just Security 

If the FBI had already convinced a federal court to issue a warrant to surveil Carter Page under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in 2013 or 2014, it could add an important data point for discussions of the propriety of the FISA surveillance of Page approved in Oct. 2016 and renewed through to mid-2017. Most news stories and commentaries, however, do not even refer to the possible existence of a 2013 or 2014 FISA warrant. What has been overlooked are the reports, especially by CNN and others, that state such a warrant existed.

BBC - Capital - The commas that cost companies millions 

“By being slightly creative with punctuation, countries can feel like their interests have been addressed,” explains Stephen Cornelius, chief advisor on climate change with the WWF, who has represented the UK and EU at UN climate change negotiations. “You’re trying to get an agreement that people can substantially agree with.”

He eats shits and leaves.

Fukushima’s nuclear signature found in California wine - MIT Technology Review 

That probably won’t be very useful for fraud detection in California wine—the levels of cesium-137 are barely detectable, and even then, only if the wine is destroyed.

But the result does show how nuclear disasters can have unexpected consequences long after the fact.

The title is the meat of this article. Also, the first half of the article contradicts the last sentence. This was completely expected based on previous data. If anything the Fukushima radiation is less pronounced than you may expect from that previous experimental evidence.

Guy In Charge Of Pushing Draconian EU Copyright Directive, Evasive About His Own Use Of Copyright Protected Images | Techdirt 

The fact that the team of the senior MEP responsible for pushing the deeply-flawed Copyright Directive through the European Parliament is ignorant of the current laws is bad enough. That he may have posted copyrighted material without paying for it while claiming to be worried that creators aren’t being remunerated for their work, is beyond ridiculous.

The Trump/Bolton Misdirection on Russian Extradition: Plenty of Legal Options Exist to Gain Custody of Russian Suspects | Just Security 

Trump and Bolton’s comments fail—perhaps deliberately—to acknowledge the myriad legal options typically available to the U.S. government in what I call “foreign affairs prosecutions,” or criminal cases in which the executive branch is engaging its prosecutorial power and foreign affairs power at the same time. Such cases have proliferated in recent years due to the rise of transnational crime, which has in turn triggered legal adaptations to U.S. criminal law and procedure to close impunity gaps. Examples include the cases of corrupt FIFA officials, Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, and Edward Snowden.

Unfollowing Everybody 

It’s been about a week and a half, and, well… Twitter is a lot more pleasant.

Maybe wait and write an analysis after a year or even six months. This kind of immediate hypothesis validation is why the intellectualless techno-journalists are failing to provide sustenance for society. It’s purely egotistical self satisfaction.

Have some guts and fortitude to follow through with your experiment.

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