Shithole, USA – Dave Pell – Medium 

I first met Michele when she became one of my high school students in Brooklyn. She had just moved from Haiti, she slept on the floor of her family’s small apartment in a violent neighborhood, and she was picking up English as a second language. Today she’s a Harvard graduate and a law professor. That’s what America is all about. It’s shocking that we still need to remind people of that. Michele represents the best of America. Donald Trump, the worst.

The Strange History of One of the Internet’s First Viral Videos | WIRED 

Almost by accident, Rigaut’s faux-conspiracy site anticipated the aesthetics of contemporary internet conspiracy theorists. His frame-by-frame closeups and red circles were potentially the first mainstream example of “Chart Brute”—the conspiratorial folk art that became widespread online post-9/11. But the site’s visuals were just the natural result of shoddy graphics software. “I feel very proud if it turns out I invented, or probably just popularized, this grassroots aesthetic so common these days!” Rigaut says.

Dutch Reporters Stun Trump’s Ambassador By Pressing Him to Admit He Lied About “No-Go Zones” 

Hoekstra had spectacularly failed to defuse the crisis in an interview in December, in which he told a reporter from the Dutch state broadcaster NOS that it was “fake news” to claim that he had said exactly what he had been recorded saying in 2015. Later in the same interview, Hoekstra stunned the reporter by claiming that he had not used the term “fake news” minutes earlier.

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