Bias already exists in search engine results, and it’s only going to get worse - MIT Technology Review 

Since I started writing about and speaking publicly about black girls in particular being associated with pornography, things have changed. Now the pornography and hypersexualized content is not on the first page, so I think that was a quiet improvement that didn’t come about with a lot of fanfare. But other communities, like Latina and Asian girls, are still highly sexualized in search results.

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Businesses are buying back shares, which creates demand for the stocks, boosts share prices and benefits investors. Some of the cash is going to increase dividends. And a chunk will go to acquiring other businesses, creating larger corporations that face less competition.

Moleskine’s latest smart pen saves your writing to download later 

And you’ll literally have to check off terms and conditions boxes to use the system, if our hands-on with the smart planner notebook is any indication of the rest of the product line. But if you’re a believer (with deep pockets) who doesn’t mind playing ball within Moleskine’s small enclosure of proprietary smart products, the Pen+ Ellipse has improved on the earlier smart pen with a consideration we all know: Sometimes your devices just don’t play nice with each other.

This is not the future. This is the last trying to hold on.

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After 19.8% (June) and 10.7% (Sept/Oct) surges in the number of LSAT test-takers in the first two test administrations for the 2017-18 admissions cycle, LSAT test-takers skyrocketed 29.7 in December.  The 19.2% increase in the first three test administrations is the largest since 2001-02.

Kaplan Test Prep Online Pressroom Kaplan Test Prep Survey: Over 30 Percent of Pre-Law Students Say the Results of the 2016 Election Impacted Their Decision to Apply to Law School - Kaplan Test Prep Online Pressroom 

“I decided to go to law school BECAUSE of the 2016 election. Somebody has to hold these politicians accountable, and it’s clearly not anyone in office right now. Also, if Hillary isn’t gonna be the first female president, then it’s going to be me.”

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