Masterpiece Rental: My Life in the ‘American Gothic’ House 

A visitor center with a museum and gift shop had been built next door in 2007, with construction funds raised in true rural Iowa fashion: by holding bake sales. I went inside and learned that the house was for rent. Upon hearing the rent was the same price I was paying for my storage unit in Portland, Ore., — $250 a month — I decided I wanted to live in this house, in the country, and I followed through on my fantasy.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018 

We asked our respondents about their gender identity, and found that over 90% of our respondents are male. According to Quantcast, women account for about 10% of Stack Overflow’s US traffic; this year 9% of US survey respondents are women. We had survey participation at almost the rate we would expect from our traffic. In regions including the United States, India, and the UK, women are represented at higher levels among students than among professional developers.

Please, keep telling me how AI will help remove human bias. It’s like an M. Night shyamalan-esque build up to a predictable ending.

Justifiable AI 

Arguably, the greatest success of AI-like software so far has been in spam filtering. I hesitate to write that because I don’t want to hear your complaints about how much spam you get. Believe me, it would be a lot worse without those things on duty. But compared to the applications we’re throwing AIs at now, spam filters operate over much simpler possibility spaces and for much (much) lower stakes.

Stormy Daniels is crushing President Trump at his own game 

One remarkable feature of Stormy Daniels’ chess match with Trump is that shame — this White House’s usual instrument against its adversaries — isn’t working. Porn stars don’t find shame especially useful, and Daniels is no exception. This poses a problem for the president: Daniels (aka Stephanie Gregory Clifford) is utterly unembarrassed about profiting off her connection to him. She’s unembarrassed in general. As the president’s most virulent defenders have come after her, she’s parried their attacks with jokes that defang them. Cracks about her age earn GILF humor, cracks about her being a prostitute have her crowing with glee. She’s so good at this that her attackers often end up deleting their tweets; it’s just not worth it.

GitHub - Kungsgeten/org-brain: Org-mode wiki + concept-mapping 

You can think of org-brain as a combination of a wiki and a mind map, where each wiki page / mind map node is an org-mode file which resides in your org-brain-path, or a headline with an ID property in one of those files. These are called entries. Entries can be linked together, and you can then view the network of links as a mind map, using M-x org-brain-visualize.

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