The Lifespan of a Lie – Trust Issues – Medium 

Despite the Stanford prison experiment’s canonical status in intro psych classes around the country today, methodological criticism of it was swift and widespread in the years after it was conducted. Deviating from scientific protocol, Zimbardo and his students had published their first article about the experiment not in an academic journal of psychology but in The New York Times Magazine, sidestepping the usual peer review.

One Foot Tsunami: In Service To His Health 

In service to his health, the President of the United States is sacrificing half the bun from his well-done hamburger. I could just repeat that over and over. “In service to his health…half the bun on his hamburger”. “In service to his health…half the bun on his well-done hamburger”.

Compassionate use’s ‘cruel joke’: Pharma companies don’t have to comply 

One fear they have is that an adverse event, like an injury or death — even if it is not directly due to the medication — will derail a company’s ability to push a drug forward for FDA approval, something they argue would ultimately undermine efforts to develop drugs that can help other families.

I personally feel that right-to-try is a political maneuver not based in reality. Making medicine is a dangerous and expensive business. Your right to try something ends at someone else’s right to not accept risk or cost they don’t need to. This example is exactly what I expected to happen with reputable companies. I also believe we will see much less reputable companies cause actual irreparable harm. Imagine that Theranos made “medicines” and could gather data for VC meetings by using right-to-try users as subjects. I’m waiting for that wave of opinion pieces on the horizon.

TaxProf Blog 

But the really interesting aspect of Chipotle’s headquarters relocation is how it illuminates what goes into a major corporate decision. Among other things, it gives the lie to all that guff you’ve been fed about taxes being a crucial consideration. ..

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